Over the past couple of years, the itch has returned to break out the pencils, pastels and paints, and get back to doing some landscape drawings and paintings. My desire to do landscapes started shortly after college, when I lived in Fairfield, Connecticut. I would often visit the Greenwich Workshop gallery in Fairfield Center, and look at the original landscape paintings there. I would also take frequent trips into New York City and occasionally up to Boston, to visit the various museums and galleries in those two cities, looking at landscapes by many of my favorite artists.

I started to do some of my own landscapes in oil and pastel, but that work took a back seat to my job as a graphic designer (and later as an illustrator and web designer), a pattern that would persist for the next 25 years (you can read more about my background here). But during this past year I’ve made a commitment to myself to make more time for my landscape work — I’ll be showing that work here on the site, in my online store and in blog posts, sharing my thoughts behind the work, and even some in-progress photos and commentary on my process.

I hope you like the work you see on the site — I’d love to hear what you think, so feel free to drop me a message any time by emailing me, or by using my contact form.

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