I recently completed a few more pencil drawings, and these differ a bit from the first batch I posted here on the site. The two shown in this post are value studies for a couple of pieces that I’m working on that feature more of a tonalist feel.

The first is an imaginary landscape view across a river at dusk. It shows a treeline on the far bank of a river in the middleground, backlit with the twilight sky in the background, with the trees and sky reflected in the water in the foreground. Overall the composition is somewhat flat by design, with horizontal bands of tone (color in pastel and oil) that might be reminiscent of a color field painting. The goal is to have the color, lighting, atmosphere and mood draw the viewer into the scene.

The second drawing is of another imaginary landscape that I am developing into another tonalist piece. It is of two hills and bushes at sunrise or twilight, with the hills and bushes rendered in dark values against a slightly lighter sky background. The composition features a highlight in the opening between the two sets of bushes that serves as the focal point of the piece. The color versions of this piece will most likely feature an overall cool color palette, with warm colors used for the highlight/focal point area.

The finished drawings are framed in an 11×14 black frame with a white mat that has an 8×10 opening. If you’re interested in buying any of my pencil drawings, they’ll be available here for sale on the site soon!

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